Pierre-Guy Martelly creates his sculptures in front of your eyes. Pierre-Guy's passion for working with his hands was born very early. As a child he took pleasure in spending time with the old blacksmith in the village of Gilette. The sparks for the anvil and the fire of the forge still glow in his eyes today. His love for transforming metal grew when he met a retired blacksmith who, guessing his talent, decided to reveal to him all his secrets of the trade. Today, Pierre-Guy creates his iron sculptures, which have won him many prestigious prizes, in front of your eyes. Despite all this success, he remains a man of sincerity and modesty.


Trades of long ago... Share the universe of an enthusiast !
The cellar : the heritage of Nice Wholesalers.
The Forge : a magical place where passion ans creation transform metal into sculptures.
Mechanics : the car and its accessories.
The Workshop : here many tools and objects of yersterday will be explained to you... A whole world to come and discover with pleasure.
Tourism : a model made of iron (300kg) representing the villages, streams and rivers will make you travel in the paste of the picturesque panorama of the Esteron Valley.


  The cellar


A taste of authenticity : The workshop


For schools : Pierre-Guy Martelly takes on the role of an educator because for him passing on and handing down the secrets of his trade is his initial objective. He has made educating models and humorous visual aids to increase the children's awareness of the values and traditions of the forgotten trades.


  The "Codron G3"


The Museum is centred on 4 trades from wich it has recreated authentic workshops complete with the restored tools and artefacts of our ancestors. A guided visit from the master of the forge, rich in history will catch and hold the attention of all age groups. 
He will light his forge and transport you into a world where metals takes on the delicate form of a rosebud of eternal beauty.



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Opening days and hours
Everyday (mondays ans bmank holidays by appointement only)
- From the 1st of may to the 30th of september : from 9am to 7 pm without interruption.
- From the 1st of october to the 30th of april : from 10 am to 5.30 pm without interruption.

Guided visits
Adults : 4
Children under 12 : 1,50
Groups : 3,50 .
Access plan
From RN202, 20 minutes from Nice Airport.
From the A8 motorway - exit 52 - Saint Isidore
The Lou Ferouil Museum Association
Tel : 04 92 08 96 04 - email musee@louferouil.com